Research Works


Fundamental groups of log Calabi-Yau surfaces. ( joint work with Cécile Gachet, HU Berlin and Joaquín Moraga, UCLA). arXiv:2312.03981

Accepted articles:

A note on polarized varieties with high nef value. Advances in Geometry, Volume 24 Issue 1 (2024) pdf

On the Fundamental Group of Compact Kähler Orbifolds with Nef Anti-Canonical Bundle.  Math. Z. 305, 33 (2023) pdf


Fundamental groups of orbifolds with nef anti-canonical bundle,  Birational Geometry Seminar 2023, online, UCLA

Classification of slc varieties with high nef value, CCG internal workshop, November 2022

A result on the fundamental groups of compact kaehler orbifolds, Workshop CAPES-COFECUB Project, November 2021

Invitation to orbifold, Séminaire Pampers, IRMAR, November 2020


Classification of slc varieties with high nef value,  A Journey through Algebraic and Complex Geometry ,Buyeo, Korea

Reading Groups Organised

Introduction to Algebraic Stacks, 2023-2024, CCG, IBS,  co-organised with Dunggun Lee.

Participations in conferences



Conference on singularities and birational geometry,  22 January-26 January 2024, Seoul, Korea


Workshop on Classical Algebraic Geometry, 12 December- 15 December 2024, Daejeon, Seoul

Fano varieties, their Geometry and Moduli, 30 October-3 November 2023, Seoul, Korea

A Journey through Algebraic and Complex Geometry ,11 September -15 September 2023, Buyeo, Korea

The 4th Korea-France Conference on Mathematics, 21 August-25 August 2023, Seoul, Korea

Workshop on Moduli, K-stability, Fano varieties, and related topics, 15 May-19 May 2023, Daejeon, Korea

Korea-Japan Conference in Algebraic Geometry, 13 February-17 February 2023, Daejeon, Korea 


Summer School on Non abelian Hodge Theory, 6 June-11 June 2022, Saint-Jacut de la mer, France

Foliations and algebraic geometry, 7 March-11 March 2022, Quimper, France


Journées GAGC à Angers, 24 November-26 November 2021, Angers, France 

Rencontre Hodgefun Florence, 18 October-22 October 2021, Florence, Italy




Conference Géométrie algébrique et géométrie complexe (GAGC) 2019 iteration, 25 November-29 November 2019, Marseille, France

School (and Workshop) on Diophantine Geometry and Special Varieties, 16 September-21 September 2019, Trento , Italy

Summer school in Foliations and Algebraic Geometry, 17 June-21 June 2019, Grenoble, France

Birational Geometry and Hodge Theory, 11-15 February 2019, Marseille, France